About the Smoothie Cycle

I first fell in love with smoothie's during my journeys through Latin America. Smoothie stalls were plentiful and everyday I would try a new one or two, I just couldn’t get enough of them! I enjoyed them so much they became a vital part of my daily routine and I wanted to share the smoothie love.

The Smoothie cycle is a combination of  that wonderful South American street food aesthetic, my love of healthy whole food and a dedication to a green and sustainable life.

We make nutritious, seasonal smoothies by supporting local organic growers and ethical, sustainable businesses. 

All our smoothies are pedal powered by smoothie bikes loving crafted by a myriad of friends and relations whom upcycle and recycle where possible. We always encourage our customers to pedal their own smoothies, but of course we will pedal it for you if preferred. We think it just tastes better if you do it yourself!

We are a family run business based in Brisbane, QLD, Australia and would love to cater for your event. Be it your work function, corporate event, family fun day, fair, festival, wedding, birthday or special occasion. We are happy to discuss any ideas you might have. Let's make organic pedal powered smoothie magic at your next event!

Brooke and Robbie